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A Christian's Response to Covid 19 at Easter

The message of Easter and the way we celebrate the Resurrection have largely remained the same over the centuries.

But this year feels different.

The inability to gather in person in our churches, the restrictions on travel that keeps families apart, the fear of health issues and concerns about our economic and financial future…all weigh heavily upon us. And the conflicting prognostications from the press and leadership are confusing at best… it simply does not feel the same.

But it is.

I find a great lesson and a roadmap for my response in Matthew 14:28-31. Jesus is walking on the water toward His disciples in a boat. According to the NIV translation, “the boat was buffeted by the waves because the wind was against it.” The disciples see Jesus coning to them and are at first afraid, but then Peter boldly states, “tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus calls and Peter goes. For a few steps. But then his focus shifts from Jesus to the wind and the waves and he starts to sink.

It is the same today, there is a lot of noise – a lot of wind and waves created by Covid 19; and just like in this passage, they are real. They are not imaginary and impossible to ignore; people are sick, and many have died, the damage to the economy is real and some businesses will fail.  It is easy to become consumed by this but Jesus’s response to Peter is the same one He has for us. "Why did you doubt?"

And it is here we see the message of Easter. Jesus reaches down, takes Peter’s hand, and saves him. But the message does not stop there. In verse 33 we read that “those who were in the boat worshipped Him saying truly You are the son of God.”

To tell you to ignore the wind and the waves of Covid 19 is as challenging for us as it was for Peter. What we must do is call on His name, trust in Him, take His hand as Peter did.

Then those who are watching us may become like those in the boat and come to see Jesus for who He is, The living Son of God who takes us by the hand and saves us, if only we ask and trust.

 That is the message of Easter, the message then and the message now.