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img 9756 main-webJesus gave His disciples two very simple commands, "love the Lord your God above all else," and "love your neighbor as yourself." These are clear and to the point – great principles.

Then He sent them into the world, understanding that you just cannot separate principles and people. If you are going to lead, you have to have both –principles and people. You have choices where to get your principles; my suggestion is to seek them in the Bible. And not just spiritual principles, but business, leadership, and relationship principles.

What follows are the observations from my life experiences, both business and ministry: The Best of Both. You will also find opportunities to interact with other business men and women, individually and in large group environments, where you may find a connection.


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Books and Publications: This books will help you find the answers you seek. To do so you have to understand the question – where are you looking and why?

  • The Best of BothThe Best of Both
  • It Isn’t Lonely at the Top: Leadership Lessons from the Rear View Mirror
  • The Confrontational Jesus

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