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Leadership Lessons and Resources

There is no shortage of books on leadership, if you Google it you will find hundreds. Each month I will contrast two books – one I really like and one that, well, I am not so sure. These are only my opinions so you may want to check them out yourself.

Worth a read
Lincoln on Leadership
By Donald Phillips

A solid read with great insights on the things we ought to do as leaders but often miss. Presented as 15 lessons from arguably the greatest President this is a must for leaders at every level.

Not so sure
The Advantage
By Patrick Lencioni

I really liked his 5 Dysfunctions of a Team but I never got inspired by this book. His main point seems to be clarity of communication – I get that. But there is very little new in this book, and today, I want innovation!

Monthly Update

In his book the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni states in the acknowledgements that “it is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage.”  Yet Rom Charom states in his book The Art of Execution that “the only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to execute.” Which would you pick, assuming you cannot take the easy way out and say one leads to the other, because it does not?